We can also call assisted living faculties as homes for senior citizens since most of its residents are the elderly.  There is assistance given to the elderly in these facilities in terms of their daily life activities, administration of medicines or personal care by trained staff, and monitoring of their activities so that each resident will be kept safe and take care of.  The elderly that live in the facility are those who cannot take care of their own daily activities without the help of another.  The facility houses senior citizens, the mentally and physically challenged, and people who are suffering from chronic diseases that make them dependent on others.  It is the goal of enabling people to be able to lead dignified lives despite having difficulties that these facilities were created. 

The states license these assisted living communities san antonio tx facilities.  You can also call these facilities assisted care living facility, personal care homes, and old people's homes.  There is an assurance that a high standard of care and concern are given to these people who are not longer able to care for themselves.  

Memory care center san antonio tx facilities are not in any way the same as nursing homes.  These two types of facilities have a lot of marked differences. 

Licensed medical professionals such as nurses, doctors, and paramedical staff are employed in nursing homes, and they provide the residents with medical services.  Assisted living facilities have non-medical staff that provide services to the residents and if there are licensed medical practitioners on the staff, their responsibilities are usually limited to providing routine medical services.   In assisted living facilities there is more privacy and personal care given.  The number of residents in assisted living facilities in the US have not reached millions. 

Assisted living facilities were built from old Victorian homes or schools that have large and spacious areas where the residents eat together and have recreational and social activities for their bonding so they will feel like one big family in the absence of their loved ones.  

There are many services provided for residents in assisted living facilities including meal preparation, laundry and ironing, administration of medication, hobbies, reading, and other services that will help the residents want to continue living instead of despairing in life. 

If you want to put your loved one in an assisted living facility, then you should first consider his actual circumstances.  Cost and location are the primary considerations for some families.  Other considerations include reputation, staff, license, and security. 


Some facilities take in residents for profit but some do it simply for charity or social services.  Before, all facilities were privately owned.  But when it was legalized, the requirement of licensure have regulated and improved the quality of services provided in most assisted living facilities.